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Broach tooling

Broaching tool repair and modification

Repairs, refurbishment and modifications available on all types of Broach including:

  • Spline broaches
  • Round broaches
  • Square broaches
  • Keyway broaches
  • Helical broaches
  • Special Form broaches
  • Cutter bar

For the Broach User:

The range of reclaims viable on all types of broaches covers:

  • Modification/ Extend the length of the broach (change of broaching machine)
  • Replacing broken pullends/retrievers
  • Broken / Chipped / Burnt Teeth rebuilt (and reformed if required)
  • Worn undersized finishing teeth rebuilt
  • Broken broach sections fused back together
  • Modifications to produce different forms

For the Broach Manufacturer:

There are many areas of corrective measures available to rectify errors or faults occurring during production of all types of broaches. These cover:

  • Heat treatment cracks
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Areas failing to "clean up"
  • Mis-grinds on both teeth and broach bodies
  • Incorrect chip breaker positions
  • Diameter and/or body sections rebuilt/modified
  • Location Angles

Each broach/case is treated individually and is priced as such.


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