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Gear hob tooling

Hob tooling repair and rebuilding

Repairs and rebuilds available on all types of Hobs including:

  • Gear Hobs
  • Spline Hobs
  • Serration Hobs
  • Chain Sprocket Hobs
  • Segmented Hobs

For the Hob User:

It is almost inevitable when operating with this type of tooling that the cutting teeth can be chipped, broken or even burnt, resulting in either losing the tool or facing a severe regrind which reduces its ‘life’. Dimension Four are able in most instances to rebuild the teeth without affecting the structure of the base material.

The range of reclaims viable on all types of hobs covers:

  • Broken / Chipped / Burnt Teeth rebuilt
  • Worn undersized finishing teeth rebuilt
  • Modification of teeth

For the Hob Manufacturer:

There are many areas of corrective measures available to rectify errors or faults occurring during production of all types of Hobs. These cover:

  • Heat treatment cracks
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Areas failing to "clean up"
  • Mis-grinds on both teeth and Hob bodies
  • Incorrect chip breaker positions
  • Diameter and/or body sections rebuilt/modified

In most instances without leaving a witness of the repair.


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